Although Thanksgiving is only one day of the year, PrimoHoagies can't get enough & they continue to share their love for the holiday with a 3 month long specialty sandwich, The Primo Pilgrim. The Primo Pilgrim showcases the menu during the months of late September to early December, where you can get a taste of the holiday all fall long. The ever so classic combination of Thumann’s home style oven roasted turkey, homemade stuffing, cranberry sauce, served with mayo on a freshly seeded primo roll makes for the perfect “Thanksgiving on a roll,” or make it a bowl, who’s to say otherwise?

PrimoHoagies COO Eric Bonner joined PHL 17 to share how to build the perfect Primo Pilgrim Hoagie.

Watch to see how they make it just right!

The Primo Pilgrim didn’t just stop there, as it made a debut during Philly PR Girl’s 7th annual Turkey Day Tailgate, supporting the Big Brothers Big Sisters Independence. With the help of PrimoHoagies donation, feeding hundreds of people, the event raised its highest donations yet. The Primo Pilgrim continues to make an impact in lives, and in taste buds.

For a limited time only, don’t forget to get your Primo Pilgrim!