Put meat, cheese and toppings in-between a roll and you’ve got yourself a sub. Now take the finest Thumann's meats, highest quality cheeses and freshest toppings and put them in-between an awar-winning seeded roll and you’ve got yourself something different entirely... a PrimoHoagie!
            Depending on where you live you may call this a sub or even a hoagie, but what’s the difference? 
             Named “sub” for its resemblance to submarines, these are served on an Italian roll anywhere from six inches to six feet.
“Sub” is one of the most widely used and accepted names for this sandwich across America. 
Like a sub, hoagies vary in size from six inches to six feet. But hoagies have a stronger association with Italian-American culture.

Whether you call them a sub, hoagie, or one of the many other names, PrimoHoagies are made with the finest ingredients and are always fresh. The Primo difference is what sets us apart from anything you ever tasted.