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The Primo Difference

Award winning seeded rolls. Baked fresh throughout the day to ensure the perfect bite every time! Award winning seeded rolls Baked fresh
Top-quality gourmet meats and cheeses. With our selection of leanest gourmet meats and perfectly aged cheeses, each hoagie gets more and more delicious with every bite! Top-quality gourmet meats and cheeses Our selection makes it delicious
Farm to table fresh produce. Sliced throughout the day for crispness, taste, and the perfect addition to all our hoagies Farm to table fresh produce The perfect addition to all our hoagies
A perfect blend of Primo spices. We complete all our hoagies with our secret blend of Primo spices, giving your taste buds a special gift! A perfect blend of Primo spices Blend of spices to give your taste buds a gift