Primo Franchise

Why Franchise with Primo?

Our Expansion

We are very enthused and excited to be able to offer, to certain qualified individuals, an opportunity to purchase one of a limited number of PrimoHoagies franchises. Our venture into franchising has been made possible, and somewhat necessitated, by an increasingly hard to manage workload at our existing locations. This is the result of a growing recognition and demand for our product in the outlying areas of Philadelphia.

Opportunity Knocks

This offer presents the opportunity to own and operate your own business, with the security of having a name and product recognition that is well established, along with a formula that has proven to be greatly successful. Through on-going consultation, you will benefit greatly from the knowledge and expertise provided by the people who originated PrimoHoagies and subsequently established it as one of the most popular retail food institutions throughout the area and beyond.

Formula for Success

We enthusiastically believe that our unique and diverse menu, along with our widespread reputation for unconditional quality, will be a springboard for success in this franchise opportunity. We will not, however, make any claims of instant prosperity based solely on the reputation that Primo has established up to this point. The end result will ultimately depend on your diligent work and total commitment to achieve success in your business and eventually reap the benefits of your accomplishments.

Being One's Own Boss

Franchising allows an individual to experience the pride and independence of owning their own business and the recognition that comes with it.


The training an individual receives in a franchise will help them to avoid mistakes.

Support and Ongoing Assistance

The ongoing support and expertise of the franchiser gives a franchise owner quick access to problem solving and the feeling of not being alone.

Collective Buying Power

The volume of products purchased among all operating units can lead to better prices, which may result in lower operating costs and higher profits.

Systems / Policies / Procedures

Tested and proven systems save development time and help prevent mistakes.


Consumer awareness of the franchise name and products is a tremendous benefit.

Research and Development

The franchise owner can utilize the research and development performed by the franchiser, therefore saving valuable time and capital.

Mutual Destiny

The success of the franchise owner is in the best interest of the franchisor.

Any Questions?

Start at our FAQs tab. Still need more information? Contact us:

Phone: (856) 742-1999

The Primo Story

In Philadelphia, when it comes to cold-cut based sandwiches, there aren't any "submarines." A "hero" is best described as someone who puts their life on the line for the safety of others, such as the firemen, policemen and our military. A "zeppelin" is something that occasionally floats over a big sporting event. The truth is, to real Philadelphians; Italian sandwiches on a hearty long roll have long been known as a hoagie. According to popular belief, the hoagie originated in Philadelphia many years ago.

Back when the original PrimoHoagies opened on Ritner Street in south Philadelphia, it seemed as if there was a hoagie shop on every street corner. PrimoHoagies knew that they needed to differentiate themselves from the competition. Everywhere you went, the hoagies were nearly the same generic product. PrimoHoagies wanted to emphasize the authentic Italian style of the hoagie, which is how it was originated.

Primo Hoagies in South Philadelphia PA

It didn't take long for the neighborhood to realize the quality and authenticity that PrimoHoagies was serving. In a short period of time, lines began to form. It was not unheard of for a line to form out the door and around the corner. The buzz in the neighborhood was tremendous.

Within a few years PrimoHoagies expanded to Center City Philadelphia with two more locations. The next store was a venture into South Jersey with a store in Marlton. With demand growing, stores popped up at the Jersey shore in Ocean City and Wildwood.

The demand for the product became so great that the decision was made to franchise the system. PrimoHoagies stores were beginning to pop up throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Within the initial 10 years of franchising the system, there were locations in 6 states. PrimoHoagies unrelenting commitment to quality and consistency has led to the explosive growth that you see today.

The success of Primo is attributed to an excellent, long-tenured staff that regularly serves up a combination of quality, consistency, and originality. Our large and diverse menu features dozens of Specialty Hoagies, most of which are our very own original creations. Primo Hoagies are always made fresh to order, using only the finest gourmet quality meats and cheese. Primo Hoagie Trays and Italian Sampler Platters have become hugely popular at many social gatherings and functions. They are a perfect choice for client presentations, parties, and just about any other get-together you can think of. Our trays and platters are also warmly appreciated when offered as a "thank you" or sympathy gesture.

Italian Hoagie from Primo Hoagies

The popularity and excellence of PrimoHoagies has been affirmed by numerous recognitions. PrimoHoagies has won an incredible number of awards. In fact, our stores have won major awards in nearly every region and community that that we have a presence, too many to list. PrimoHoagies has also been featured in countless newspaper articles, local television news stories, and a topic of discussion on many local radio stations. Primo has been a favorite stop of many local celebrities, athletes, Local personalities and business executives throughout the region.

Through this expansion, Primo has managed to uphold the quality and consistency of product and service that has made us a favorite in every region that we are located. We will continue to be stringent in the selection process of prospective franchisee's to ensure compatibility and sincerity for the right to join the Primo family and represent our name to the high standards that we've set since our inception. Our first and foremost priority is to never compromise our outstanding product and unique concept. This is our guarantee to our loyal and ever-growing clientele. So remember, it's not a sub, or hero, or zeppelin. In fact, to most people, "It's not just a hoagie... It's a Primo".

Affiliation Disclaimer

As with any successful business or product, there are bound to be imitators. As the old saying goes, "Imitation is the highest form of flattery". This is very true, but the result of these attempts to copy our original concepts simply reaffirms our own popularity and unique quality. We have learned of certain copycat outfits, some of which who have had the audacity to actually offer franchise opportunities using our concept, while claiming an affiliation, in some form, to the Primo organization. For the record, we must state that the only stores and/or corporations with an association to PrimoHoagies are those which are listed on this website. Any claims of a connection with our organization by parties not listed on this site, are false and subject to legal ramifications.


What kind of experience is required?

There is no one set of experience that we are looking for in our franchisees? What we are looking for are people with a passion for our product and owning their own business in general. We are looking for people that are driven. A drive to succeed and to be the best you can be is a quality that will increase your likelihood of success.

How many square feet would you need to open a store?

We look for stores in the 1600-2000 square foot range, 1800 is optimum.

Do I need to be an owner operator?

Yes, we require our franchisees to have an active role in the operation of our stores. Our best stores have the feel of a neighborhood Deli. We believe our superior product will get the customers in the door but a relationship to the customer and the community can take you to another level.

Do you have multi-store owners?

Absolutely. For the right person, we encourage multi-store ownership. The trick to owning multiple store is having the ability to make every store continue to have that neighborhood feel. It takes a different skill-set in order to do this effectively.

What does it cost to open a franchise?

A turnkey operation can cost between $190,600 and $312,900. This includes your initial franchise fee as well as "additional funds", which are the amount of capital that you have in the bank when you open. We recommend $30,000 in additional funds. Many factors can determine the start-up such as the size and location of a store. The breakdown of the estimated initial Investment can be found on our website.

Do you offer financing, If not what is the best way to get financing?

YES; Financing is available through our partner, Benetrends Financial. Benetrends Financial is familiar with our investment and provides all types of financing, including SBA loans and other types of financing.
They also offer a 401K rollover option that allows you to use the value of your retirement plan to fund your business tax deferred and penalty fee and makes financial sense for many people. They offer free qualification screening at no cost to all Primo applicants.
For more information, click on the Financing tab.

How long does it take to open a store?

That would depend on how long it takes you to find a location. Once a location is approved and a lease is signed, your goal would be to open in 90 days from that date, barring unforeseen circumstances.

What training is provided?

We are very proud of our training. We require 2 people to train for 80 hours before the opening of the store. We will also have personnel in your store during your opening to assist in the training of your employees. The time we are there will vary based on your needs. Our philosophy is that training never ends. We will always be there to help you tweak and improve your operation.

What type of support should I expect from corporate?

As with training, we will always be there to support you. We have an infrastructure built within our company that has personnel to support you with all of your needs. From operations to accounting, we have people that you can lean on when they are needed. We pride ourselves on the level of support that we provide.

How much freedom do I have in the operation of my franchise?

The brand standards have already been established. You will be required to maintain those high levels as a franchisee. However, there is a lot of flexibility in the way that you market your store locally. We encourage our owners to think outside the box in this regard. Many great grass roots efforts by our franchisees have proven successful. We want to be able to share those successes with our system.

What separates PrimoHoagies from its competition?

We feel the biggest difference we have is our true commitment to the quality of our product. We use only the finest ingredients in our sandwiches. We refuse to compromise the quality of our product. From the gourmet luncheon meats and cheeses to our signature bread, we don't think that anyone can match our quality. This is the main reason for the incredible brand loyalty that our stores enjoy. Many of our customers would not eat at another sandwich shop after buying our products.

What steps do I need to take in order to become a franchisee?

The first step would be to complete our application, which can be found on line. This application will help us advise you further. The next step would be an in person meeting. This meeting would be when we can answer the majority of your detailed questions. Along with this meeting you would receive our FDD. An FDD is federally required document that gives you details about our franchise. It also includes the franchise agreement that you would execute if you decide to become a franchisee. You are required to have this document for at least 14 days before you can sign a franchise agreement. This gives you time to have the document reviewed by an attorney, accountant and/or other person advising you at the time.


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